Tuesday, 21 February 2017

I Miss This layout

Good morning crafty people!

So today I have a layout about a topic that was very frequent during a part of my life but isn't frequent anymore, so I scrapped about it.

If that's a tad confusing, i'll explain. For four winters I lived in an area that snowed. I had never experienced it before living there, and it is truly magical. And then we moved back to an area where it doesn't snow again, and I miss it immensely. I had a photograph of a snowman and instead of naming the page as yet another snowman or snow day adventure, I chose the title (and journaling) of "I Miss This".

Here's my layout:

A monochromatic layout for a monochromatic photo. That photo is printed in full colour by the way (for those unfamiliar with snowy landscapes).

The title is a mixture of plain chipboard and glitter sticker. An unexpected combination but on this monochromatic layout it is beautiful, and looked far better than all chipboard. I dotted all the I's with the glitter sticker to help it all match.

A cluster of patterned paper, really old sticky mesh, even older ric rac ribbon, and a chipboard bird.

And I managed to actually fit a picture of a snowman nicely onto a layout about a snowman (I'm not the sort of person who can pull off a pic of cat with a photo of a cat, or a pic of a car with a photo of a car - but I did it, challenge accomplished).

My wisdom for today:

1) Scrap a photo from a different perspective - rather than a snow day layout I scrapped it as something I miss.

2) Try odd combinations - my chipboard and glitter sticker title suits this page perfectly

3) Use something old on every project, to use it up rather than waste it.

4) If you're not the sort of person who embellishes with the same subject as the photo, give it a go - my snowman picture on a layout with a snowman photo is a first for me!

See you next week,
Jessica T

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Use it up Layout

Welcome back crafty friends,

Today I have another use-it-up type layout for you. Scrap your stash, use it up so you can buy new stuff. 

That's pretty much been my motto for a couple of years now, at least. I don't like having a ton of supplies. Well that's not entirely true. I don't like having a whole bunch of stuff sitting there unused. I don't like anything being wasted. I don't like using new stuff without the old stuff being used first - or it won't get used. That makes it sounds like I go out and buy new collections when they come available - no, no, no, that wouldn't fit my budget. My supplies are typically on sale - or clearance - and are generic, not new releases. But even so, I like new stuff.

That's a bit of a tangent. Anyway, this layout was inspired by YouTuber Inkie Quill - whenever she talks about her alphabet stickers she always mentions that you don't need as many letter Q as you do for any vowels, why do they include so many of the letter Q. And the same goes for J. You honestly don't spell out that many words with the letter J. And I thought, you know you are right - but I have a solution for using up my J stash - my name begins with with J so i'll do a layout with a picture of myself and use them all up! And the rest of the layout consists of papers from my stash too.

A bit wordy today, sorry. I'm tired. I tend to ramble when i'm tired!

Here is my layout for today (that I actually made six months ago, oops)

All the different J's I had in the muted tones of the picture (it was back in the day of disposable film cameras). Big ones and small ones. Plain ones and coloured ones. Chipboard, stickers, and even some plastic ones, Square, circle and J shaped ones. I topped some of them with gems and pearls. And doodled in some hearts.

And layers upon layers of papers from my stash of scraps. I currently have very few 12 x 12 squares of paper in any colour, just tons of pieces! I don't want to toss them, so I want to get them used in any way. (And it's on foam for dimension)

Have a look through your stash of alphas. Do you have a particular letter that you have a ridiculous number of? Can you incorporate that into a layout on it's own? Or numbers for that matter?

Until next time,
Jessica T

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

New Toys

This just arrived a few minutes ago from the U.S. and I cannot wait to have a play!

I wish more supplies and tools were available here in NZ (at a reasonable price). But it will be worth the wait.

I should have a regular post up next week.

Happy crafting everybody

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Card Set part 4

Hello crafters,

Today I have the final installment of my card set I made as a Christmas gift. I will be showing you three lots of three cards today - so relatively photo heavy today.

The first lot is made with the 6.5" paper pad from the Kaisercraft 'Rock Pool' collection.

The Kaisercraft paper pads always come with a few sheets of tear-out ephemera - tags, shapes and border pieces - which I tried to use up this time. The angled designs seemed to be the go to for this group.

This whale on the specialty paper was adorable so I wanted to make it the feature. I added a little whale up in the top left corner to accentuate the fact that the whale was the feature of this card.

A bit of bling always tops it off and makes any project a bit special.

The second lot is made using my absolute favourite 6.5" paper pad from the Kaisercraft 'Sweet Pea' collection. I loved it so much I also bought the ephemera pack which I also used on two of these cards.

This card is so simple yet so gorgeous. A background splattered with pink inks, topped with punched hearts, a patterned paper strip, a wee journaling card and some bling. Honestly it isn't difficult at all.

The colours on this card are probably my most favourite combination I've ever done. Mint and gold. Hmm hmm hmm. Again the design is pretty simple - patterned paper strip, banner strips, the negative of a punched heart and some sequins. Just choose an awesome colour combo and stick to two or three colours for your main design.

And the final group of Christmas gift card set is made from the 6" paper pad from the Kaisercraft 'Seaside' collection. 

This really isn't my favourite collection, but when I take the paper and make it into smaller pieces, use a nice and simple design, stick to only two or three colors for each card, and finish them off with sequins, I am impressed with how they turn out and I like the end result.

Again is used the tear out ephemera that comes in the paper pad, along with patterned paper strips, punched shapes and sequins. Yip, the same formula as all the other cards.

I really enjoyed making the cards with the little flowers. I replicated this design with another paper pad here.  Adding a sequin to the centre of a few was a cute touch and really helped to make the card look finished. The larger flower is simply two larger punched flowers with a smaller punched plower in the middle, topped with a sequin. So easy so really effective.

Well that is it for my card set. I hope you have inspired to try out a few of these designs for yourself, or even to create a card set for someone you love - even simple designs are time consuming so it really is a gift from the heart. If you do, please give me the link in the comments below as I'd love to see what you have done.

Until next time,

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Card Set part 3

Hello again!

Today I have part 3 of my card set to show you. I have two of the lots of three cards again, this time for the boys.

The first is made using the 6" paper pad from the Kaisercraft 'Rewind' Collection 

As with most of the cards in this card set, patterned paper pieces, punched shapes and sequins are the main supplies.

Triangles of pretty paper with a few embellishments in the white space are a simple but stunning design. Stick to only two or three colours for a sophisticated look.

This card is a unisex one. A stamped sentiment in a contrasting colour finishes it off.

Ink splatters on this card help to ground it and make it not look like just a bunch of random paper pieces.

The second lot is made using the 6" (double sided) paper pad from the Glitz design 'Dapper Dan' collection. I love the colours in this collection.

All three have the same design of half the card/ triangle of patterned paper, a strip of contrasting patterned paper, and then something in the white space - banner strips, ink splatters or stars. At least one element is adhered with foam dots for dimension and interest.

Thanks for stopping by today. How about giving one of these simple designs a go today - and please give me your link in the comments below so I can check it out!

Check back next week for part 4.

Until then,
Jessica T