Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Card Set part 2

Good Morning Crafters,

Today I am sharing two of the lots of three cards I created for the card set in my last post.

Both of these lots of three were created with the same 6x6 paper pad (one at the starts of my creating and one at the end). The paper pad was a cheap one from my local K-Mart here in New Zealand (brand name Cre8tiv). It is full of all different colours and patterns, so I pulled out a bunch of pink ones to keep some continuity, and then a couple of others for detail.

All six cards are made using the same formula - punched shapes, patterned paper strips and topped off with sequins of different shapes and sizes. The top three cards have a splattered background using mists the bottom three are plain white.

As most of the cards will be given to different recipients, it is okay if they are similar in design. It certainly helps in the creating process.

Keep your eye out for part three in the coming days.


Monday, 9 January 2017

Card Set Part 1

Hello fellow crafters!

Just a quick post today as I'm very busy at the moment but didn't want to leave my blog without any new posts for weeks on end.

As a Christmas gift for my Mum I made her a card set. She had been hinting about it for months so I thought I really should do it. I made 21 cards in total. As with my past card sets, I use 6x6 paper pads to make the cards, and make only three from each paper pad (using one sheet of white 12x12 cardstock) before moving on to the next one. This helps me keep my flow going. I do still get stuck from time to time and I just put that away and move on to the next one. And when I make a card I like, I repeat that with other patterned papers too. I get them made over a couple of days.

Today I have a few pictures of all 21 cards. My next few blog posts will show each lot from the six different paper pads I used (I used one paper pad to make two lots of three cards).

I love to give (and receive) gifts that are really wanted and/ or that are useful.

Check back over the next few weeks to see the cards from each collection.
Until then,

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Scrap Your Stash - Cards

Hi Folks,

I made these two cards a while back. Actually I have a whole bunch of things I have made this year but haven't put up on my blog. One reason is because our computer started having major issues (right after I had been doing regular blog posts for a while and was in the swing of it) so I can no longer edit any of my photos - so the majority of the photos you see are un-cropped, which is why some may seem a tad weird. And then just running out of time - taking photos and writing blog posts isn't exactly a quick activity.

Earlier in the year I was looking through my embellishments and saw a bunch that would be gorgeous on a card. So I dug out some card bases that I had made a start on and got busy.

The first one is made on a card base that has some inks/ mists used on it (you can see that blog post from June 2015 here) and then just built up with a random mix of girly things, including a journaling card and pretty sticky notes.

The second card is one for the boys.

The card base was made using left over alpha rub-ons (I don't believe I have a photo of that anywhere). I then used mists on top of that before building up with a frame, tag and a few other bits.

Take a look through your stash and that might be all the inspiration you need.

Until next time,
Jessica T

Friday, 30 December 2016

Anniversary Card

Happy New Year and Thanks for stopping by today.

Today I have an anniversary card to show you, which I created on a water colour base I made some months ago, which can be seen in this post here. As I said in my previous post, I often leave my cards blank when I make them so I can personalise them to the recipient and/ or to the occasion. It helps when you're short on time to have some pre-made and it helps if your're in a crafting rut and just can't seem to make anything that looks nice!

This is the card before:

And the anniversary card now:

A die cut frame, attached with foam dots, a sentiment stamped on colour paper and also added with foam dots, rhinestones, sequins and liquid pearl dots - just like the card from the previous post which I made a few days prior and it turned out great so I repeated it!

Maybe you'd like to make a bunch of plain cards that you can personalise at a moments notice?

Until next time,
Jessica T 

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Birthday Card

Hi everyone,

I recently made a card for my good friend for a special day. A few months ago I made a set of water colour cards. I often leave my cards blank when I make them so that I can personalise them when the time comes. It means I already have most of the card made, most of the hard work done. I don't have to think about a colour scheme or design if I'm in a crafting rut. And it makes it really quick if you're short on time.

I used one of those water colour cards for the card I have to show you today.

This is what it looked like before:

And this is how I personalised it:

Some liquid pearl on the chipboard numbers, as well as liquid pearl dots, rhinestones and sequins is all I had to do to make this glam.

And by sheer coincidence I used another of the cards from the water colour set the following week so that will be my next post.

Until then,
Jessica T